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Shearer Wellness Group supports new and growing gym businesses throughout New Zealand. Our mission is to not only help business owners to achieve growth, but to also create a community of inspired, purpose-driven leaders, who are motivated to make a significant impact on the wellbeing of their communities.

We love what we do, and understand the importance of a strong professional relationship. So whether you’re starting out, looking to grow, or simply need further support, our tested and proven strategies can assist you in maximising your business potential. 

What we do

We help small to medium-sized gym owners who are dissatisfied with the performance of their business, or simply want to see stronger results. Shearer Wellness Group improves Gym Business Growth by specialising in measuring, managing, and mentoring teams to succeed both personally and professionally.

From ensuring you have employed the right talent, to comprehensive annual planning, we also assist with the application of daily reporting and tracking, site visits to mentor club management, ongoing training and marketing support. 

We also understand that every business is different, so it is important that we offer you a personalised service, catering to the needs of your vision and goals. Our in-depth knowledge of the health and fitness industry will also provide you with greater insights to further enhance your service and best practice.    

At Shearer Wellness Group delivering extraordinary service is the core value of the work we do. Want to know more? Please get in touch >

Fitness brands

We work with a wide range of fitness brands throughout New Zealand. We specialise in Gym Business Growth for small to medium sized gyms both independent and franchisees.


We have raised over $30,000 for Mental Health Charities, along with being Awarded Liftbrands Franchisee of the Year and National Franchise Gym of the Year 2019

award winning fitness business

Our team

Chris Shearer

Chris Shearer

CEO & founder

Over Chris's 10-year career, he has had the privilege of being able to help coach and support dozens of gym owners, staff, and clients to further unlock their potential, achieve desired results and Gym Business Growth.

Raising over $30,000 for Mental Health Charities, along with being Awarded Liftbrands Franchisee of the Year and National Franchise Gym of the Year in 2019, Chris sets a high example by consistently being at the top of his game with his own businesses. 

Hungry for progression and growth, Chris is constantly looking to upskill and further his knowledge within his field. Based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with partner (and Gym Manager) Sara, who with their spare time enjoy the getting outdoors, the beach, live music, and good food. 

Chris Shearer

Sara Duncan

Head of Club Management

Sara joined the fitness industry in March 2018 as a Club Manager at Snap Fitness Papamoa. Coming from an extensive 10-year background in pharmacy, Sara brings a strong skill set in operations, shop-floor sales, and second to none customer service. In her short career in management, Sara has excelled across a number of key performance areas, practically across sales & operations. 

Within her first two years, Sara took a 7-year old club from 720 to 1300 members, along with being Awarded Liftbrands Club Manager of the year 2018, Exercise NZ Franchise Club of the Year 2019, and Liftbrands community club of the year in 2019.

Now acting as a senior leader within Shearer Wellness Group, Sara is responsible for operation control, sales training, and staff coaching within the Club Management department. 

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