Fitness Business Consulting

We provide 1-2-1 fitness business consulting services that offer expert analysis and strategy development to establish the operational and financial success of your gym business or fitness centre.

Club and business performance analysis

Club audits and strategic planning

Training and development workshops

Fitness business consulting

Fitness Centre Management

We are committed to helping fitness business owners reach their goals by providing quality consultancy and management services across a range of business activities. 

Club management

New manager onboarding

Staff training

Fitness centre management

Fitness Gym Marketing

We offer project management services for fitness gym marketing. Whether long or short term, we are able to assist on a project basis.  

Fit-outs and modernisation upgrades

Re-opening sales and marketing campaigns

Sales and marketing campaigns

Fitness Gym Marketing

Training & Development Workshops

We offer a number of training and development sessions to ensure you and your staff are able to continue learning and upskilling to benefit the business’s ongoing performance.  

101 operations


Marketing and lead generation

gym business staff training

Frequently Asked Questions

> How do I ensure consistent club performance?

Business success doesn’t happen overnight, particularly within the forever changing and growing landscape of the fitness industry. But like any good business, it requires four key fundamental pillars for success – vision, structure, strategy and consistency. 
While you might have the fulfilling pleasure of operating a fitness centre and delivering well-being solutions to your community of members, we also have a business to run. If we fail to get the mechanics of our operation right, then the longevity of being able to make a positive impact become more and more challenging while financial performance diminishes. 
Having strong operations in place increases productivity, saves time, reduces stress, and allows you to focus on the tasks that are most within your business. If you can look after your business, you can look after your members better. If you look after your members better, then they will look after your business.

> How do I create a killer team culture?

Having a connected, motivated, and driven team starts with vision – why do you exist (purpose)? Where are you going (mission)? What is important to you and your team (values)?
Getting clear on these three things and aligning it commercially within your business will be the foundations of recruiting a like-minded team. It becomes your recruitment checklist for the type of talent you’re in search for to grow the culture you desire. 
Culture is led from the top, so define expectations, lead by example, hire the right people, and remove those who don’t align. One bad egg can be your biggest culture killer! 
‘Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example’ 

> How do I maintain a constant flow of leads?

// ONE
You must INVEST! If I said you should be spending 7-8% of your monthly revenue into monthly marketing, could you hand on heart say you’re meeting that benchmark? Having a monthly lead generation plan and budget allows you to spread your marketing investment across a number of channels, with results reviewed every month to help determine the best avenues for your audience. Digital (Social, Web, Email SMS), referral, and joint venture campaigns are traditionally the best bang for your buck. 

// TWO
Define your ideal customer. How old are they? What job do they have? What are some of their common problems? Tailoring your marketing campaigns and messages to your ideal audience will help you connect with more of these people. Be the solution to their need.

REFERRALS, REFERRALS, REFERRALS! 70% of new members can be attributed to some means of referral, so it would make sense for us to invest into this space to create new leads, right? If we provide a sound service to our existing customers AND we can reward them for ‘dobbing in their mates’, we’re creating a win/win outcome for both parties – so just ask, often. 

We're here to support the growth of your business and long-term success